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Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup

Adorning eyes to spark the magic within.

Eye Makeup Manufacturing

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and our holistic eye makeup range aspires to adorn those windows with the ultimate best products, creating looks that inspire.

Entice your customers, develop a USP, expand your clientele, and grow your business – on your terms.

Create eye looks with Vimac’s distinct eye makeup range that leaves your customers craving for more.

We Produce 10,000+ Units Daily!

Manifest The Power Of OEM & ODM

Indulging in expensive R&D, purchasing the necessary machinery, curating distinct designs, and continuing to produce as per capacity is difficult.

So, Vimac makes your work easier.

Skip all the heavy work and immediately move to sell with a privately labeled eye makeup range with your own USP via our ODM. Or let us do the research and design building while you take over the reins of production through OEM.

Either way – you’ve got nothing to lose and a world of market share to gain in the makeup industry.

What We Offer

Only the best, high-quality eye makeup products are created using premium and safe ingredients.

Mascara Eye Make-up

The Vimac mascaras rebreathe life into the lashes, lifting them, adding color, and giving customers a bold and beautiful look.

The applicator is incredibly versatile, allowing soft as well as deep looks.

Eye Shadow Eye Make-up

Glittery, neon, bright, or nude – the Vimac eye shadow range is as holistic as it comes.

Accentuate the eyes, add a little color, and make them the center of attention. Our eyeshades are highly pigmented and long-lasting – bound to expand clientele.

Eye Liner Eye Make-Up

Vimac eyeliners come in three forms – pencil, marker, and brush.

From straight strokes to elongated wings, give each client the eye look that they wish for with our diverse range of eyeliners.

Loving The Product Range?

We Strive To Satisfy

As competition increases in the makeup industry, businesses need products that set them apart from the rest.

Vimac eye makeup ranges are expansive, diverse, premium quality, and FDA-approved.

Attract clientele, expand your consumer base, and ruffle up some feathers in the makeup world.

Take your business to new heights!

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