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Cleanse like never before.

Vimac Toners

Cleansing, moisturizing, and refreshing, toners are a must-have part of any self-care routine.

If your brand is planning to introduce its own line of toners in the US, Vimac will be your procurement and manufacturing partner.

Manufacturing an extensive variety of high-quality toners with the best herb extracts and serums, Vimac knows just what you need to make your products excel!

Add variety to your skincare line with our toners!

Our Production Capacity are

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Efficient & Affordable OEM/ODM Solutions

At Vimac, we understand what both your business and your customers need.

Be it innovative toner formulas, an efficient and reliable supply chain, or safe and affordable end products, we cover it all.

Launch an exclusive toner product with Vimac, bring in new customers, and become the top brand in the market.

Toner Types & Styles

When choosing a toner, customers try to find the type and style they’re most comfortable with.

Offer your customers their preferred styles, or even better, give them the entire range to choose from!

Spray Toner

Spray toners are a convenient, easy-to-carry, and easy-to-use option. Simply spray on the toner, quickly cleanse the skin, and prep it before using a moisturizer.

Offer a quick and effective toner choice to your customers!

Facial Toner

The preferred choice for many, facial toners are an effective way to refresh and clean skin with natural ingredients without losing the face’s natural moisture.

Expand your product range with facial toners!

Want To Explore More Toner Styles?

Succeeding Together

From researching the most effective methods to develop toners for you to ensuring suppliers meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency, we make sure your brand is ahead of the competition by far.

You’ll get nothing less than the best because, at Vimac, our success lies in the success of our partners: you!

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Grow Your Skincare Brand!