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Facial Sheet Mask

Face Sheet Masks

Masks that hydrate and enrich skin.

Vimac Face Sheet Masks

Soothing, moisturizing, and skin-friendly, face sheet masks are a popular product amongst people who love to indulge in quality self-care.

At Vimac, our team develops and designs top-notch face sheet masks using potent, eco-friendly ingredients and inputs.

Discover how you can transform your skincare offerings with Vimac facial masks!

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Face Sheet Mask OEM/ODM Solutions

Are you looking to introduce face sheet masks to your skincare line? Or do you want to outsource production or switch from an existing manufacturing contact?

Vimac offers your business a comprehensive manufacturing solution – right from R&D to the end product.

Check out our OEM/ODM facial sheet mask manufacturing capabilities and see why we’re the right fit for your business!

Face Sheet Mask Types & Styles

Face sheet masks are an ever-growing trend in the skincare world.

Every now and then, new styles and varieties make their way into the market, making the competition tighter yet opening options for consumers.

With Vimac’s innovative and approved selection, you can ensure your facial sheet masks are always on according to dynamic customer needs and preferences!

Paper Facial Sheet Mask

No-fuss, no complications, the paper sheet works perfectly to clear redness and acne and brings out the natural complexion behind the oil and grime.

Plus, it’s cost-effective and works with just about any skin type!

Silk Sheet Mask

Turning the experience of the facial mask into a luxurious one, the texture of silk sheet masks allows deeper ingredient absorption, thoroughly cleansing and nourishing the skin.

Give your face sheet mask collection a silky addition!

Hydro-Gel Facial Sheet Mask

Cool, soothing, refreshing, therapeutic, and so much more. Hydro-gel facial sheet masks contain jelly-like substances that penetrate deep into the skin, reviving and hydrating dry areas.

No face sheet masks selection is complete without the hydro-gel option!

These Are Only A Few Of Products From Our Selection

Perfecting Each Product

Be it paper, silk, or hydro-gel facial masks, trust us with your manufacturing needs!

Every employee at Vimac, whether inside the labs or the factories, gives their 100% effort in ensuring every product we manufacture meets the highest international standards.

At the same time, we help minimize costs and delivery times, through our on-point supply chain.

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Redefining Skincare Product Manufacturing Processes!