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Face Cream Mask

Face Cream Masks

Give your skin the boost it needs.

Face Cream Masks By Vimac

Face cream masks are all the rage right now. Transforming the skincare routine, they are used to detox, exfoliate, hydrate, and repair.

Almost all leading brands offer their range of face cream masks and if you want to compete with the best, you should be introducing your own line too!

Vimac will look after the sourcing and manufacturing of your face cream masks, freeing you up to focus on other important things, including growing up your brand.

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Vimac Face Cream Masks Manufacturing

Whether you’re looking to launch conventional face masks or want to add your innovative twist to the formula, work with us to set your mark in the industry.

At Vimacs international standard, FDA-approved facilities, we develop high-quality face cream masks with concentrated active ingredients.

Give your customers the ultimate refreshing experience!

Face Cream Mask Types & Styles

Many customers prefer a traditional face mask experience while many others look for modern, fast-working cream masks.

Vimac’s manufacturing capabilities allow your brand to provide an extended range of face cream mask styles and appeal to a much larger consumer market!

Mud and Clay Face Masks

Mud and clay masks have been around for centuries, helping users eliminate impurities and unclog facial pores. Vimac packs that authentic experience into our skin-friendly, easy-to-apply face cream masks.

Benefit from the immense potential in mud and clay face mask demands!

Gel Face Mask

Designed to give the skin deep moisturizing and replenish dry cells, gel face masks deliver moisture directly to the skin, maximizing glow and freshness.

Add this highly effective option to your face mask line!

Face Cream Masks

Convenient and mild, our face creams masks simultaneously reduce the aging effect by treating wrinkles and provide much-needed moisture to facial contours.

Give customers an all-in-one, user-friendly face mask option!

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Products Just As Good As Your Brand

The quality and value for money offered by your product go a long way in establishing your brand credibility and developing a loyal customer base.

At Vimac, we manufacture face cream masks among other skincare products that guarantee 100% satisfaction for your customers and value addition to your brand.

Entrust us to produce your face cream masks!

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Minimum Quantity

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Partner With Us To Take Your Brand Forward!