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Face Cleanser

Face Cleansers

Take skincare routine to the next level.

Face Cleansers By Vimac

A glowing face radiating with freshness and vibrancy. All it takes is the right face cleanser curated with natural and skin-friendly ingredients.

Face cleansers by Vimac not only strip away dirt, grime, pollutants, and excess oil, but they also revitalize the skin with natural freshness.

Expand and elevate your skincare line with Vimac face cleansers!

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Face Cleanser OEM/ODM Manufacture

To develop a high-quality face cleanser, you need an expert R&D team, a reliable procurement network, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

At Vimac, we have it all!

Save your business the hassle and let Vimac handle the manufacturing side of your face cleansers. Gain a competitive edge in the market!

Face Cleanser Types & Styles

Consumers have different preferences for face cleansers. While some may opt for textures that suit their skin best, others may go for convenient solutions.

With Vimac, you can cater to all types and styles with our numerous customized and off-the-shelf options!

Gel/Cream Face Cleansers

A reliable option for people with acne-prone or oily skin, gel/cream face cleansers offer a mild cleansing balance and keep the skin soft and smooth.

You simply can’t go wrong by adding gel/cream face cleansers to your brand!

Foam Face Cleansers

Delving into the luxurious side, these face cleansers contain gel that turns into foam when mixed with moisture. The rich, lightweight foam when slathered on the skin leads to radiating results!

A fun and effective cleanser option are a must-have for your product line!

Oil Face Cleansers

Often, to remove makeup, one needs a slightly more strong cleansing. Oil face cleansers do the job perfectly without having any oily after-effects.

This is the double cleansing solution many customers seek!

Micellar Face Cleanser

A multipurpose face cleanser that works for almost every skin type. The Micellar face cleanser cleanses, hydrates, and tones the skin, providing users a superior all-in-one experience.

Upgrade your offerings with the Micellar face cleanser!

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Guaranteeing Excellence

Building a brand with products that appeal to customers and meet their pricing expectations is no easy feat.

Vimac partners with you to not only meet customers’ expectations but to go above and beyond!

Make your brand the No.1 choice for face cleansers!

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Let’s Grow Your Brand Together!