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Keep skin safe from harmful UV rays.

Sun Protection With Vimac

Bright sunny mornings and beach days have a certain cheerful and fun vibe.

But the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays often kill the mood and harm the skin.

Vimac manufactures sunscreens, sun lotions, and many more products, so your customers never have to worry about skin damage when going out in the sun!

Partner with Vimac and add high-quality, safe, and effective sunscreens to your portfolio!

Comprehensive Sunscreen Solutions

Every individual requires a different level of protection from the sun.

At Vimac, we have cutting-edge manufacturing solutions to develop sunscreens for different skin types, colors, and tones.

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With OEM and ODM manufacturing capabilities and a procurement network established globally, we help your brand meet all the needs of your customers exceptionally!

Sunscreen Types & Styles

Every product crafted by Vimac offers quality, comfort, and convenience.

Whether your customers prefer sprays, gels, creams, lotions, or sticks, we can provide any sunscreen productions you’re looking to place on store shelves!

Sunscreen Spray

A quick and easy-to-use product, the sunscreen spray is perfect for those who prefer a lighter sunscreen option they can spray on for short durations.

Give your customers something to spray away the sun rays!

Sunscreen Gel

A sunscreen and moisturizer, the sunscreen gel is based on a water solution that not only blocks out the sun’s harmful rays, but also provides hydration to dry skin.

A two-in-one solution to introduce to your target market!

Sunscreen Cream & Lotion

Offering a wide range of SPF options, our sunscreen topical cream and lotions protect the skin from damage and slow down the aging effect due to over-exposure to sunlight.

The simple and effective option customers are looking for!

Sunscreen Stick

Incredibly handy with no hassle, sunscreen sticks can be used on the go without worrying about them feeling sticky on the skin or melting. Sunscreen that consumers can take anywhere!

Looking To Expand Your Sunscreen Range?

Quality, Excellence, & Innovation

Vimac products are a promise of quality above all.

Simultaneously, we understand our clients’ needs for producing cost-effective sunscreen products with a seamless supply chain.

So, from R&D to ODM/OEM manufacturing, we don’t just develop the perfect products; we tailor long-term brand solutions for our clients!

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Let Vimac Handle Your Manufacturing Needs!