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Body Wash

Body Wash

Revitalize the body, mind, & soul.

Vimac Body Wash Products

No personal care and cleanliness kit is ever complete without a quality body wash. Period.

Vimac adds a touch of class, beauty, and fragrance to the body wash experience – turning it from regular to luxury!

Team up with Vimac to tailor-make your body wash products and set yourself up for success.

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Body Wash Manufacturing Solutions

Clean, moisturize, and revitalize – the three core purposes of a body wash.

Vimac’s OEM/ODM blends nutrient-rich, safe, and sustainable ingredients, such as amino acid, lactose, and hazel, that maximize the utility and comfort of our body washes. Give your customers a smooth and skin-friendly experience with Vimac manufactured body washes.

Body Wash Types & Styles

It may be a personal care staple, but at Vimac, we curate a variety of body wash types to offer you a selection that caters to all your customers!

Classic Body Wash

Crafted with high-quality natural ingredients, our classic body wash offers softness, freshness, and nourishment to the skin.

The go-to pick for most customers!

Body Wash Shower Gel

For those that prefer slightly thicker and more fragrant body washes, the shower gel caters to their skin perfectly.

Give your customers a luxury-filled option!

Want To Dive Deep Into Our Body Wash Offerings?

Perfecting The Customer Experience

From R&D and procurement to design and manufacturing, the entire team at Vimac gives its full commitment to developing superior products – products we know your customers will love!

Expand your personal care offerings, attract and retain more customers, and grow your business – all at once.

Team up with Vimac!

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Avail All-In-One Personal Care Solutions!