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Body Scrub

Body Scrubs

Breathing new life into the skin.

Body Scrubs By Vimac

What better way to revitalize the skin than to scrub away the dead cells and stimulate new growth?

Vimac Body Scrubs, Body Exfoliate, Body Polish, or Body Gloss, all are developed with the best ingredients and oils to scrub new life into the skin.

Discover how you can launch your range of body scrubs with Vimac’s manufacturing!

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Unparraleled Manufacturing Capabilities

With more and more people prioritizing personal care, the interest in superior body scrubs is surging.

At Vimac, we can help you capture the growing market with body scrubs that stand out from the competition!

From the swiftest global procurement network to advanced OEM/ODM capabilities, we’ve got it all to cover your production department!

Body Scrub Types & Styles

Be it with physical exfoliants or chemical exfoliants, Vimac’s range of body scrubs strips away dirt and grime and leave behind fresh, smooth skin.

Offer your customers the best body scrubs possible!

Physical Exfoliants Body Scrub

Breaking through the tougher dead skin, our physical exfoliants body scrubs are enriched with blends of sugar, sea salt, walnut shells, and more.

Give your customers control with physical body scrubs!

Chemical Exfoliants Body Scrub

Scrubbing out dirt and grime, chemical exfoliants body scrubs contain hydroxyl acids, AHA, and BHA, that treat the skin and add a youthful glow to it. Keep customers coming back for more with chemical exfoliants body scrubs!

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Personal Care – The Vimac Way

Vimac’s team of personal care and industry experts ensure your products set the bar high, helping your brand standout and be the go-to choice of all customers.

Join hands with us to take your brand to the top.

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Together, Let’s Create The Best Body Scrubs.