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Body Lotion

Body Lotions

Give your body the love and care it deserves.

Body Lotions Manufactured By Vimac

Keeping the skin soft, smooth, and healthy, body lotions offer a soothing touch to the personal care routine.

Body lotions by Vimac are curated with skin-friendly, natural ingredients to offer an elevated personal care experience.

Make your brand stand out with Vimac’s body lotions!

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The Vimac Body Lotion Experience

Vimac body lotions are designed with the perfect balance to allow customers to pamper themselves while nourishing their skin with refreshing ingredients.

Are you looking to offer your customers the same moisturizing goodness?

Vimac offers the finest OEM/ODM manufacturing capabilities for our partners in the US.

Types & Styles

Different types of skin require different types of care.

Vimac’s team manufactures bespoke and off-the-shelf body lotion options so you can give your customers just what they’re looking for!

Body Lotion

Light and non-greasy, the regular body lotion serves the nourishing and hydrating needs of most skin types.

Comfort and convenience packed in one for your customers!

Oil Based Body Lotion

Elevating body lotions with healing and aromatic properties, the oil-based lotion offers a heavier and deeper moisturizing experience.

Add a special something to the body lotion shelf!

Ready To Introduce Your Line of Body Lotions?

Find Only The Best At Vimac

Giving your customers a personal care experience they’ll find nowhere else and providing you with an efficient, reliable, and affordable supply chain, Vimac looks after your brand like our own!

Consider our employees a part of your team.

Together, let’s take our body lotion to the top position!

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Minimum Quantity

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Transforming Personal Care, One Body Lotion At A Time!