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Make lips dazzle and shine.

We Produce 32,000+ Units Daily!

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World-Class Facility | Customizable Orders

Our state-of-the-art cosmetics production facility is in Vietnam, giving you the ease of logistics and a secured and timely supply of lipsticks to the U.S.

Combine that with our OEM and ODM capacities and you have yourselves a manufacturing facility that is willing to go the extra mile to hook your consumers and convert them – instantaneously!

Add your private label to the lipstick order, or trust our team of experts to deliver their creative best. Either way, we’re here to pave your way to success in cosmetic retail!

Our Lipstick Portfolio

Featuring distinct shades, smooth textures, and an attractive look and feel, Vimac lipsticks are certainly out of the ordinary.

Designer Lipstick

Let go of the usual and give your consumers a premium look and feel with Vimac’s designer lipstick. They have a beautiful fragrance, rich texture, long-lasting pigment, and attractive packaging that beckons customers to make the buy.

Traditional Lipsticks

Taking the conventional a notch higher, we have a diversity of textures serving consumers of all lip types. From creamy and velvety to smooth satin finishes and the currently trending matte shades, Vimac’s traditional lipstick range has it all.

Color Changing Lipsticks

Combining science and tech with the world of lip care, our signature Color Changing Lipsticks can become your USP. Like a litmus test on the lips, they pair with different pH levels to give consumers a unique shade upon lipstick application. Embrace your uniqueness with Vimac!

Searching For More Lipsticks?

Please feel free to contact us on your queries and we will get back within 24 hours.

Lip Colours

The beauty of lipstick lies in the shade, and we’ve got many!

Attract clientele with a variety of shades and be known as the enterprise with the most lip color options.

Nudes and neutrals to bold and bright – Vimac can manufacture lipsticks in all shapes, size, and styles.

And that’s just a few of our selections. Want to see more?

Get The Lipsticks You Need, When You Need Them!

Analyzing product changes, aligning with your consumer’s demands, and locking in suppliers can be exhausting. But with Vimac by your side, it becomes a piece of cake.

Our commitment to service signifies each employee puts in their 100% to produce high-quality products within time and budget to provide speedy deliveries.

Our facility follows local guidelines of hygiene, while the QA and QM departments continue to supervise the production process.

In short, we innovate, produce, and ensure the right product is delivered to you within the stipulated time, giving you an easy supply of cosmetics and peace of mind.

Minimum Quantity

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Minimum Quantity

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Want To Know More?

We’re all ears! Voice your concerns and queries and our client service representatives will be more than happy to guide you through the order-booking process.