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Lip Scrub

Lip Scrub

The ultimate lip exfoliator.

Lip Scrub Manufacturing

The global lip care market was worth 1.98 billion USD in 2020, and its only becoming bigger and better.

If you are a cosmetics provider and hope to keep your sales up and your target audience satisfied, penetration into the lip care industry with the right product line is crucial.

At Vimac Cosmetics, we have you covered!

Our line of hygienic and safe lip scrubs is diverse, FDA-approved, and created from organic materials to give your consumers peace of mind and you – a thriving consumer base.

Entrust your lip scrub manufacturing to us!

We Produce 10,000+ Units Daily!

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The Perfect Formula For Success

Vimac’s manufacturing facilities are geared to provide multi-faceted success – for your business and ours.

We provide OEM and ODM capabilities with an expert workforce and an efficient engineering process. From serums to scrubs, our R&D department constantly innovates to give you the best formula for your lip scrub line.

Our Lip Scrub Range

Enriched with vitamins and created with the best ingredients, our lip scrub range appeals to a wide consumer base and attracts all to drive sales.

Sugar Lip Scrubs

The perfect exfoliator for the lip – sugar – is infused with all-natural ingredients to create the Sugar Lip Scrub.

It is soft on the lips, easy to clean, and leaves the lips hydrated and clean. Attract the lip-conscious clientele today!

Natural Lip Scrub

Our signature Natural Lip Scrubs contain a variety of vitamins and nourishment properties that keep the lips moisturized and plump.

Swipe on easy and take it off without any effort, the scrub exudes a natural touch and leaves behind glossy lips. Switch to natural products today!

Lip Scrub Serum

Sometimes, consumers need more than the ordinary. That’s where our Lip Scrub Serum comes in. Infused with magical, moisture-locking properties, it prevents cracks and hydrates fully.

Revitalize lips and allow them to be their best selves. The serum can be just the edge your business needs over its competition.

Want More Options?

The Only Lip Scrub Manufacturers You Will Ever Need

As the lip care market grows by the minute, you need suppliers that you can trust – to deliver and innovate.

The Vimac team stays abreast with new changes in the industry, adopts them in the products, and serves updated slip scrub deliveries.

Our commitment to service and focus on quality ensures that your business and product portfolio will be in safe hands.

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