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Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss

Let the lips shine bright like a diamond.

Lip Gloss Manufacturing Solutions

The lip gloss was a big hype in the ’90s until the trend died down. But now, it’s back and it’s up and running at full throttle!

Capitalize on the new trend and become a frontrunner in the lip gloss game around you.

At Vimac, we produce 4 distinct types of lip gloss – tint, matte, cream, and sheer – to give your business the edge you desire.

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We Produce 20,000+ Units Daily!

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Unparalleled Manufacturing Prowess

We’ve been in the field long enough to say – we’re as experienced as it gets.

Our production facility lies in Vietnam, giving your business a cost-friendly advantage in logistics and approvals.

Our production processes are streamlined, quality-assured, and fully trusted under local guidelines to produce safe, hygienic, and trendy lip glosses.

Leverage our OEM and ODM capabilities to make your presence known in the industry.

Our Lip Gloss Line

While most manufacturers primarily deal in sheer lip glosses, we’re different – and therefore destined to give your business the USP it longs for.

Our lip gloss cosmetics line is diverse and always evolving!

Tinted Lip Oil

Offering intense pigmentation and color in a lightweight formula, the Vimac tinted oil is bound to become the ultimate sheen companion for your consumers.

Use it on the lips to add sparkle, or add a hint to the cheekbones to overcome the need for a highlighter and blush, the tinted lip oil is multi-purpose!

Sheer Lip Gloss

Whether your clientele is fond of satin or matte lip shades, adding a sheer lip gloss on top is the ultimate way to complete a look.

Vimac sheer lip glosses are flavorful, shiny, and truly moisturizing, leaving the lips shining and plump.

Matte Lip Gloss

Keep the sticky, shiny textures at bay with our matte lip gloss that redefines what it means to apply a lip “gloss”.

Enriched with color, the gloss nourishes the lips and makes them pop – exactly what the average consumer desires!

Cream Lip Gloss

For those who are fond of the rich, creamy, velvety texture of lipsticks; Vimac’s in-house Cream Lip Gloss is an ultimate winner.

Featuring a highly pigmented formula, apply easily with one swipe and remove just as easily. This one’s bound to sell like hotcakes!

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The Lip Gloss Color Spectrum

Did you think our diversity of collection would stop at types of lip glosses? Think again!

In the desire to set your enterprise apart from the rest, we’ve introduced a multitude of lip gloss shades to expand your consumer base and attract people of all tastes!

From subtle pinks to diva-like mauves and fiery reds, we’ve got it all for you!

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We Innovate Relentlessly…

The world of makeup continues to evolve. Trends come and go, and businesses are expected to match the pace. While building and tailoring your own cosmetics manufacturing business can be difficult, we take that responsibility from you.

As makeup manufacturers practicing OEM and ODM, we research, analyze, and innovate endlessly to give you a supply that matches demand.

With our products, remain on top of your competition – always.

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