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Lip Balm

Lip Balm

Breathe new life into the lips.

Lip Balm Manufacturing Done Right!

The lips are an integral part of an individual’s personality. After all, they do come ahead of the speech – and create lasting impressions.

Customers worldwide prioritize lip care as a part of their skincare routine. This means there’s a world of potential for your business to grasp, and Vimac allows you to do just that.

Our Lip Balm range is created for those who invest time into caring for their lips. From chapped and sensitive lips to discolored outlooks, our products provide safe and hygienic solutions for all lip care dilemmas.

Capitalize on the lip care consumer base and make your mark in the industry with the best lip care line.

Partner with us to procure quality lip balms!

We Produce 40,000+ Units Daily!

Holistic Lip Balm Solutions Available On-demand

Our products cater to a wide clientele and provide a range of finishes and textures created via innovative R&D and uncompromising quality assurance.

We continue to strive toward excellence by continuously improving our formula and pigmentation to give your consumers nothing less than the absolute best.

Leverage Vimac’s OEM and ODM manufacturing to secure a trustworthy supply of lip balms at budget-friendly rates!

Vimac’s Range Of Lip Balms

Our lip balms are enriched with high-quality ingredients and feature our secret, in-house, nourishment formula to have lips look their best, protected selves.

Designer Lip Balm

Keep chapped lips and unwanted lines at bay.

Our Designer Lip Balm features never-before-seen textures – matte and glossy, you name it – that protect lips and make sure they look fantastic!

Modernize your lip balm line with Vimac’s designer range.

Classic Lip Balm

When in doubt, go with the classics.

Our Classic Lip Balm range is simple, effective, and flavorful with a formula rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and all-things-lippy.

Attract the masses with our trusted lip balm.

Searching For More Lip Care Products?

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Lip Balm Colors

We know consumers aren’t content with 1 shade in lip hues, and truth be told, so aren’t we.

From nudes to brights, we’ve got a lot to impress your customer base.

…And We’re Continuing To Bring In More Colors

We Strive To Delight Every Single Time

At Vimac, we have impeccable quality as our foundation stone for creating an attractive lip balm range that excites, delights, and converts your customers.

From raw materials to the end product, the product is checked and assured for quality at every phase to ensure you get your money’s worth and beyond – always.

Invest in a lip balm range that makes your enterprise stand out.

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