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Hair Care

Hair Care

Get smooth, shindy, and healthy hair

Hair Care Done Right With Vimac

Silky smooth, wavy, curly, thin, or thick hair, Vimac understands the hair care needs of all.

From shampoos and conditioners to treatment masks, we offer the best products formulated with the finest ingredients to take hair care to the next level.

Partner with Vimac to provide your customers with an unmatched hair care experience!

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Global Standard Manufacturing Capabilities

The world of hair care is dynamic and competitive.

With a sourcing network spreading across the globe and comprehensive OEM and ODM manufacturing capabilities, we collaborate with your business to develop to excel in the hair care industry.

At Vimac, we know what your customers want, what’s available to them in the market, and how you can launch a product that surpasses their hair care expectations.

Types & Styles

Hair Care Shampoo

From dry and moisturizing shampoos to anti-breakage or volumizing ones, shampoos are an essential part of hair care routines. We help you craft shampoos in line with your customer’s demands and market standards.

Rinse away dirt and grime from hair like never before!

Hair Care Conditioner

Nourishing hair with smoothness, softness, and shine, conditioners offer the freshness and style customers seek.

Be it rinse-out, deep, or leave-in conditioners or the full range, provide products that go above and beyond for your customers!

Hair Care Treatment

Repairing and replenishing dry and damaged hair, we curate hair care treatment masks that restore shine and promote healthy hair growth.

Offer your customers an all-natural hair care treatment blended with nourishing oils, such as argan oil and coconut oil.

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Quality, Excellence, & Inspiration

From research and development to ODM/OEM manufacturing, we ensure our hair care products and services are of the highest quality and customized exactly according to your requirements.

Creating products that inspire and helping businesses become brands, Vimac can empower you to succeed – on your terms.

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Join Hands With Vimac To Take Your Brand To New Heights