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Setting the facial canvas for a look that inspires

Foundation by Vimac

The best makeup look requires sturdy, long-lasting, and a well-put base. That’s where the Vimac foundations come in.

Available in liquid, mousse, and stick forms, the foundations are purpose-built to give your consumers the best base for a makeup/no-makeup look.

Navigate through coverage intensities, choose among the myriad of shades, and uplift skin tones.

Pair with Vimac to add consumer-favorite foundations to your product portfolio!

We Produce 30,000+ Units Daily!

Foundation Manufacturing Solutions

At Vimac, perfecting the foundation is a multi-step process involving various stages. From raw material procurement to production and supply, we abide by local guidelines to create hygienic, safe, and durable foundations.

Our foundations are FDA-approved and our OEM and ODM manufacturing capabilities ensure quality and personalization at every step for your business.

Add a signature touch to our innovative formula; or take our designs to produce your own.

We have a solution for every business in the makeup industry.

Foundation Types & Styles

The world represents an ocean of diversity.

Nude, medium, deep, light – skin tones vary and so do individuals.

We create the perfect foundation shades to match every skin tone, and therefore, appeal to your consumers to expand your clientele.

Liquid Foundation

With thin consistency, spill-proof packaging, and lightweight formula, the Vimac liquid foundation is a treat for makeup lovers.

Delight your consumers with a foundation they would love!

Mousse Foundation

Featuring a light and gentle formula, the Vimac mousse glides over the skin and allows customized buildup.

Let your clientele enjoy a matte, non-cakey finish and a foundation that lasts through the day!

Foundation Sticks

The Vimac foundation sticks help users define the base for their face in a unique, contouring technique. Apply in strokes and blend with ease – the stick is great for use!

Attract consumers with a multi-shade foundation formula that’s non-sticky and easy to apply!

…And We’ve Got More In Stock!

And that’s just a few of our selections. Want to see more?

Creating Quality Cosmetics

At Vimac, our production process continues rolling while the R&D department resumes its search for the next big foundation idea to differentiate your product.

But one aspect remains constant: The drive to produce quality products.

Our Quality Assurance and Quality Management departments supervise every phase of the process to ensure nothing less than the best for your consumers.

Minimum Quantity

10,000 units / order

Minimum Quantity

5,000 units / color

Partner With Us

Our holistic foundation range and your selling capabilities can make the perfect duo to take the makeup industry by a storm.
Let Vimac cater to all your cosmetics manufacturing needs, elevating your business to new heights.