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Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrow Makeup

Brows that truly reflect your personality.

Eyebrow Makeup

When the matter concerns the eyes, businesses must look for the safest, most hygienic products to retail. That’s where we come in.

Vimac manufactures diverse eyebrow makeup; from creams and pencils to sticks. It is made in Vietnam, FDA-approved, and created only using the finest, quality-assured ingredients.

Define your clients’ brows to be their best selves while remaining uncompromising on hygiene.

Add quality eyebrow makeup to your product line today!

We Produce 10,000+ Units Daily!

Our Manufacturing Prowess Knows No Bounds

Every business model is different. Some look for makeup ideas and designs while others demand the end product. We strive to work with both such enterprises, courtesy of our OEM and ODM strategies.

Invest in our designs our select a quantity for the final product to be bulk-delivered for your business needs.

We keep enterprises satisfied and on-point in their position in the makeup industry.

Our Eyebrow Makeup Portfolio

Customers demand a diversity of brows. Some look for playful yet subtle arches while others prefer a dominant, bold contour.

Our eyebrow makeup portfolio allows your clientele to go all out in browsing.

Eyebrow Makeup Cream

Available in multiple, highly pigmented shades, the cream comes in easy-to-use containers that can be used to create subtle to dramatic eye looks.

Eyebrow Makeup Stick

Opt for consistency and portability with our eyebrow stick. It doesn’t require a brush, but instead smoothly glides over brows, giving them fullness and depth.

Eyebrow Makeup Pencil

Define the contours of the brows to create precise looks on a wide spectrum. Dominant, classic, cheery, or natural, the choice lies in the hands of your client and the tip of our unique pencil.

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Our Commitment To Excellence

The eyebrows define the face, create a distinct aura, and help consumers craft the look they wish for.

Our team continues to search for newer and better ways to make that happen, improving the product formula along with it.

Remain on-trend, on-point, and always a step ahead of the competition with Vimac eyebrow makeup lining your shelves.

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Minimum Quantity

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