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Cushion Cream Makeup

Cushion Cream Makeup

The gateway to unparalleled beauty.

Cushion Cream Makeup by Vimac

Do you want to modernize your cosmetic line? Are you ready to surprise your competition with innovative foundations?

Vimac’s Cushion Cream Makeup line has you covered.

Soaked in balms and liquids, our makeup features 2 crucial aspects: the cushion and the cream.

Press onto the cushion to release the formula into the sponge. No hassle and no fear of spills, our cushion cream makeup is set to take the industry by storm.

Procure our in-house cushion makeup specialty and add to your cosmetics range!

We Produce 10,000+ Units Daily!

Bespoke Manufacturing Solutions

No, we don’t just manufacture makeup. We do much more than that. We manufacture dreams!

Vimac’s R&D team scans your target audience, analyzes competition, gathers insights, and produces customer-centric cushion makeup products that are bound to go flying off the racks.

Featuring distinct formulas and lasting results, our cosmetic line is manufactured on time, as instructed, and within budget, courtesy of our OEM and ODM manufacturing solutions.

Get ahead in the makeup game with Vimac as your cushion cream makeup supplier.

Our Cushion Cream Makeup Range

This type of makeup might be a relatively new concept, but we’re already ahead of the competition, enabling you to be so too!

Our cosmetics range is wide and all-encompassing and continues to populate!

BB Cushion-Blemish Base

Skip the need for primers, concealers, and color correctors. Embrace an all-natural look with our BB cream-infused cushion makeup.

Lightweight, non-cakey, and incredibly easy to apply, the base allows medium to full coverage, and is buildable too!

Attract clientele that prioritizes no-makeup, makeup looks!

CC Cushion-Color Correcting

Hide scars, erase the pores, and even out the complexion with our signature CC cushion cream makeup.

It inculcates the benefits of a primer and color corrector, offering a two-in-one advantage to your customer at the price of one!

Make color correcting simple. Expand your target audience to makeup pros and amateurs alike!

DD Cushion-Dynamic Do All

Purpose-built to be an all-in-one product, our DD cushion cream makeup is unique in the industry.

Infused with the benefits of exfoliation, hydration, and coverage, the product is true to its name – Dynamic!

Help your consumers make a cost-effective makeup choice!

EE Cushion-Extra Exfoliation

Give the skin the break it needs with a product bound to become the skin’s best friend.

The EE cushion cream makeup by Vimac removes dirt and dead cells, nourishes the skin, and hydrates and exfoliates it to be its best self. Use before makeup application for best results!

Attract the skin-conscious makeup enthusiasts with a product that tugs at their hearts!

Love Our Cushion Cream Makeup Collection?

Our Commitment To You

We understand that as retailers and service businesses, you have a responsibility towards your consumers.

Vimac adopts the same responsibility in its production process to deliver a supply of only the best cushion cream makeup products to you.

Our QA and QM departments are committed to ensuring guidelines are followed to the t. While all our raw material sourcing and final logistics are handled with utmost care towards hygiene.

Choose Vimac as your supply partner and scale your business to new heights.

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