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Blush Makeup Manufacturing

Featuring a beautiful color palette and shades that mesmerize, Vimac Cosmetics’ blush products are classy and trendy – exactly how your customers want them to be.

They are made with high-quality ingredients in our certified facility by the best makeup curators.

Elevate your product portfolio and set yourself apart from other retailers. Embrace blush manufacturing!

We Produce 10,000+ Units Daily!

Our ODM and OEM Manufacturing Capabilities

When partnering with us, the reins of the manufactured product remain in your hands.

We believe in Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) and give businesses the leverage of private labeling. Let us know about any minor edits in the blush formula and/or packaging and make your color cosmetic truly one-of-a-kind and yours to brand.

Or, if you have a manufacturing facility of your own, indulge in Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) with us. Our design, your facility – let’s partner up and help you pave your way to success!

Types & Styles

Our blush product collection is truly one-of-kind – designed and developed to cater to your customers’ needs and preferences.

Blush Makeup Powder

This is the conventional, iconic blush.

Sourced from safe materials and packaged in usable containers, the blush powder adds color to the cheekbones while remaining uncompromising on quality, safey, and hygiene.

Blush Makeup Sticks

Combining the magic of contouring with blush, our distinct blush stick is a fabulous product that your customers won’t ever get enough of.

Not only is it simple and easy to use, but it is also highly pigmented to add a cheerful glow to the face.

Blush Makeup Creams

For your clients searching for blushes for dry skin, the Vimac blush cream is a must-have. Period.

Easy to apply, it gives a natural, deeper look to the face, and stays on for long. Hook and delight your customers with a premium-quality, impactful blush.

Love What You See & Wish To Know More?

Vimac: The Name Of Quality

The world of makeup is evolving, and so are we.

The Vimac research and development team continues to innovate to improve color cosmetics and give our clients nothing less than the crème de la crème.

Choose to set yourselves above the competition.

Discuss your manufacturing needs!

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