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Color Cosmetics

Color Cosmetics

Filling the facial canvas with hues of magic.

Color Makeup by Vimac Cosmetics

The beauty industry is always evolving. Trends come and go. Customers’ needs and preferences change.

At Vimac, we continue to manufacture bespoke cosmetics products offering effortless and timeless beauty.

GMP and ISP 22716 certified, we empower brands to climb to the top and stay there.

Elevate appearance and get that flawless skin. Excite, delight, and fortify your client base with Vimac color cosmetics.

Makeup That Looks As Good As It Feels

With purpose-designed textures and detail-oriented packaging, our cosmetic line is bound to shine off every makeup shelf.

Our product portfolio contains:

Curate a makeup collection that beckons all to watch, try, and switch to!

Become The Ultimate Retailer Of The Best Makeup In Town

If you want a beautiful, long-lasting, safe, and fully tested color cosmetics line to add to your makeup retail, Vimac has you covered
Elevate your brand to new heights. Team up with Vimac!