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Factory Capabilities

The Vimac Factory

A state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest technologies, equipment, and expert staff, the Vimac factory is a model for innovation and automation in the beauty industry.

R&D Center

The R&D team in the Vimac factory plays a vital part in developing innovative products in line with industry standards and beyond our customer expectations.

From high-tech equipment to experts in cosmetic sciences, the R&D department is equipped with everything needed to bring the best products to the market:
• GD1 investment capital: $1,200,000
• Acreage: 4000 m2
• Bespoke Formulations
• Safe and Sustainable Methods
• Growing Team of Engineers and Chemists

Investing in Technology

Technology is revolutionizing the cosmetic manufacturing process.
At Vimac facility, we make sure we stay at the forefront. This is why we continue to invest in our capabilities and have shifted from labor-intensive to automated production using state-of-the-art tools, equipment, and machinery.

4000 m2


Vimaccos US

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Testing Center

Quality is the utmost priority for Vimac.
From sourcing to manufacturing and packaging, we implement robust quality management and assurance tests at every part of the production process.

• Compliance With GLP Standards
• Trained Team of Testing Professionals
• Regular Checks
• Internationally Acceptable Results
• Certifications: CGMP Asean & FDA

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