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Vimac’s Greatest Asset: Our People

Vimac is a company renowned for its innovative, fun, and impactful products all around the world.

It’s all made possible due to our core strength: our employees that excel at what they do, love taking on challenges, consistently deliver beyond expectations, and ALWAYS impress our clients.

The teams in all our departments are committed to redefining the standards for beauty products while enabling our clients to take their business from startups to leading global brands.

Research and Development

At the R&D department, we bring together experts in Biology, Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering that innovate, reinvent, and formulate beauty products.

From the highest safety standards and eco-friendly methods to products that produce high-quality results for end-consumers, the R&D covers it all.


Be it bespoke orders or off-the-shelf selections, our Procurement department is the best in sourcing only the finest and sustainable materials for our wide range of cosmetic and skincare products.

Simultaneously, our extensive network ensures raw materials and ingredients are procured at the most affordable rates, whether in Vietnam or the US.

Brand Design

Vimac doesn’t just solve the manufacturing side of products for our clients.

From product packaging to brand building, the brand design team ensures our clients take their business to the next level.

The Vimac Team – Serving With Professionalism, Quality, and Innovation!


Our workforce is integral to the high quality of products and services we offer to brands in the beauty sector. But that's not all.
Vimac’s unparalleled offerings are built upon our four core competencies:

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