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Research & Development

The R&D Team

Research & Development is the core of Vimac, a cosmetics manufacturer committed to producing innovative, top-of-the-line, bespoke beauty products.

From cosmetic chemists to lab engineers, each member of the R&D team boasts years of industry experience developing color cosmetics, skincare, hair care, nail care, and household consumer products.

At the same time, our R&D staff consistently enrolls in seminars, conferences, and educational programs to stay at par with the innovations and advancements in the industry.

Expect only the best cosmetics products from Vimac!

Our Certifications

Every ingredient, formula, and procedure used in our R&D labs follows international safety and quality standards. We comply with GMP Asean and ISO 2716 standards, while the FDA in the USA has approved all our facilities.

At our facilities, we implement:

  • Bar Code Control From Sourcing Raw Materials To Final Products
  • Quality Management System At Warehouses
  • Safety and Hygiene Checks Throughout the Manufacturing Process

Be it safety protocols, time-efficient procedures, or highly-reliable results, Vimac’s R&D team delivers on all ends.


Our R&D capabilities and wide experience on Sourcing and Quality Management makes us one of the most experienced and reliable partners to develop new formulation or provide in-house products.

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