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Raw Material Management

Vimac’s Supply
Chain Strength

At Vimac, we pride ourselves on the quality, efficiency, and punctuality of our supply chain.

Our comprehensive raw material management systems ensure only the best raw materials and components are utilized in the production of their products.

From review reports to market responses, we have rigid protocols in place to regularly assess the inputs arriving at our facilities.

Most importantly, with a procurement network spread across the globe, we have partnered with suppliers that believe in the same high standards of raw material sourcing and delivery as us.

Simultaneously, we encourage our customers – our partnered brands – to invest in eco-friendly and sustainable products through:

  • Recycling and Reusing Materials
  • Using Organic Sources
  • Going Vegan and All-Natural

With Vimac, not only are businesses able to save costs with effective raw material management, but they are also able to offer their customers superior and skin-friendly products.

Partner with Vimac and ensure the best standards for your beauty products!


At Vimac, we have enhanced capabilities to offer our clients beauty products that take their brand to the top.

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