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Quality Management

Quality Management

Where beauty meets perfection.

The Vimac Quality Management System

Our way of work centers around our core belief that Quality Triumphs All.

Therefore, the Vimac facility is Asean Certified, ISO 22716, follows strict GMP guidelines, and is FDA-approved.

Our products are produced with continuous supervision, cautious surveillance, and an agile Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) department with years of experience and complete know-how of Vietnamese Health Department guidelines.

Our QM process includes:

  • Visual and physical microbial inspection of raw materials.
  • Rigorous testing includes Water Content, Viscosity, Vibration, and Contamination tests.
  • Adherence to strict GMP guidelines.
  • CNAS accredited lab facilities.
  • Finished product sampling before roll-out.

Therefore, when you have a Vimac product in your hands, you can rest assured that it has been manufactured, tested, and tried under the most controlled circumstances.


While our production process is built on the foundation of hygiene, safety, and an absolute gold standard environment; that’s not all.
Our primary guiding competencies include:

Vimac: Where Quality Comes First

While the packaging may attract, we understand it is the quality of beauty products that creates a loyal customer base. We have designed our manufacturing process to provide just that – and beyond. Aspiring to become synonymous with quality, Vimac products are certified, safe, and tested for perfection – a complete asset for your team. Partner with us and get products that delight your customers, every single time.