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Core Capabilities

Vimac’s Core Strengths

For any product development process, achieving quality, productivity, and efficiency simultaneously is a complex task.

At Vimac, our four core competencies enable us to not only meet the highest standards in the industry but also raise the bar higher.


Our employees are our greatest strength.

Whether it is the R&D team, procurement staff, factory workers, or warehouse personnel, we hire experts equipped with up-to-date industry and technical knowledge.

Each individual excels at what they do while continuously striving to improve through regular seminars and training programs.

Raw Material Management

With a procurement network spread across the globe, ensuring raw material and input sourcing is done right and the supply chain operates smoothly is crucial.

At Vimac, we have a rigorous raw material management system in place that allows us and our suppliers to meet the highest standards of safety, punctuality, and efficiency. Not only are our products manufactured with natural and eco-friendly ingredients but we also ensure we save costs and delivery times for our partners!

Research & Development

The cosmetic industry is highly dynamic and competitive.

At Vimac, we stay on top of the competition by focusing on innovation and creativity in our R&D department.

Our team consists of cosmetic chemists and lab engineers that work to enhance our formulas and products while complying with GMP Asean, ISO 2716, and FDA standards.

Quality Management

At Vimac, we believe Quality Triumphs All.

That’s why we implement robust Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) protocols at every stage of the manufacturing process.

From rigorous inspection and testing to adherence to GMP guidelines, we ensure every product coming out of our factories promises unmatched quality!

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